Here Comes the Rain

Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul. ~ Emily Logan Decens

Last week was wet! I know you’re thinking the PNW is well known for being wet. Most of the time it’s a light rain or more of a mist.  Actually downpours don’t happen that often. Last week was an exception. Naturally, every day the British Hubby and I wanted to hike it was down-pouring. Hiking in this type of weather isn’t that much fun.

Our next idea was to cook! If you haven’t guessed yet, I like to cook, bake and eat. We bought a ham from our new favorite butcher. My favorite way to make ham is this simple recipes glazed ham. It was fantastic with our leftover brussels sprouts. 004.JPGNext I made this low carb/low sugar pumpkin cheese cake. Instead of using a graham cracker crust that is full of sugar, I made a coconut macaroon crust. Next, I only added half the sugar. I use an organic coconut palm sugar that isn’t as sweet as regular sugar. This made a fantastic holiday dessert. Although, I still think my Ginger Pumpkin Fudgy Flaxseed Cake may still be one of my all time favorite no carb/no sugar adaptations. I’ve been thinking I need to make a Christmas themed one maybe with cranberries? 009Most important this past week was all the time spent snuggling! IMG_20171121_1935506.jpgIt’s the end of the month and I only have one completed wip so far, eek. I was hoping to get three or four done this month. Let’s see how many I can finish in the next few days.

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