The First 2023 Cast-On: Malabrigo Mist

Knitting keeps me from unraveling. ~ The Art of Knitting

Casting on projects is my favorite. I love the planning part when you found an amazing skein in your favorite color and base. What could it be? The possibilities are endless. I’m a process knitter. I always have been. And I have no project monogamy. I typically have multiple projects on the go. Variety is the spice of life, right? That also means I’m terrible at finishing projects. This year I vowed to attempt to change that. Moment of truth, I’m never going to be a product knitter. Even as I write this, I feel my inner-self trying to revolt against sticking with this plan like I’m five years old again being told to do something because my parents said so. The plan is to have a few projects I can rotate through to help keep things fresh and exciting. And maybe just maybe, I’ll finish things along the way! The British Hubby is skeptical. Let’s see how things progress.

My home office set-up for my new new job is a bit chilly some days. Malabrigo Mist is going to help keep me cozy and warm. The pattern is a classic from Churchmouse called Twice Reversable Ribbed Poncho. I’m using Malabrigo Rios in Fog. The yarn has hints of gray and purple. I think it will be stunning once I finish knitting 50 inches and seam it together. I’m alternating skeins as sometimes color variation in a kettle dyed yarn can vary wildly from skein to skein. When you alternate skeins, this helps avoid having a finished project where you can identify when one skein starts and another begins. The photo above is actually of the wrong side of the fabric. I’ve decided take the first measurement when I finish the first skein of yarn. Any guesses how long it will be by then? I’m hoping around 20 inches. The photo above is 78 rows completed.

I’m also working on Behind Blue Eyes. This blanket could be almost finished. I’ve reached the end according to the pattern, but when I tried it out with Burt’s help of course it just didn’t seem big enough. Especially when I consider how much Burt and Ernie both love this blankie. Sometimes during team meetings, I can knit a few rows. It hangs out the rest of the day with Ernie and Burt keeping it company under my work desk.

And you maybe wondering how we’re doing on our no carb no sugar journey. Well, some days are better than others. (Like Friday night when we caved and ordered stuffed crust pizza and cheesy bread!) Above is a family recipe I’ve adapted to be keto. It has a chocolate brownie base and a cream cheese chocolate chip topper. To say it’s one of our favorites is an understatement, and you would never guess it’s low carbs and low sugar.

How’s your week going? Ours started off with a bang by taking Burt to the vet. He was not pleased to say the least. Neither were Ernie and Gracie. Gracie accidentally ate the first bowl of food with calming kitty meds so she was feeling pretty mellow while Ernie decided all the cats smelled wrong so now he’s hissing at everyone. We’re still waiting on lab results for confirmation, but we all suspect Burt has a thyroid problem. He was on the chunky side, and we were trying to play with him more. He’s lost 2 lbs or entire kilo in six months. Now he’s play motivated all the time. He’s always been our foodie and loves to meow cat operas in the bathroom. Burtie just wants to have fun! (I always knew he was a Cindy Lauper fan.)

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