Celebrating Life with the British Pantry

I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past. ~ Atticus

Dear followers, I know I said regular blog posts were coming back and then they didn’t. What can I say. Sometimes life takes you for an adventure. I have a dear friend that says, “Ride the wave of life.” This week I started a new day job. That’s right. I have a new day job. It happened really fast, and I fully anticipated having more than 26 days off. What I’m doing is highly confidential so there won’t be much mention of my day job moving forward, but I think there’s going to better work life balance. That means regular blog posts are in the foreseeable future. Just in time for Monster Mayhem 2021 and the next Craftvent! (Can you feel the excitement?)

Last weekend, the British Hubby and I were so excited for my job offer that we celebrated with a trip to our favorite British pub and bakery. Yeah, there’s some carbs in that photo, but sometimes you have to indulge just a little. How else do carb addicts celebrate? With cheeseburgers and pastries of course!

The British Hubby was more reserved with his celebration meal. He made his into a cheeseburger salad.

Burt is very excited that I’m going to continue to work from home until 2022. He loves sleeping beside me while I work.

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