The Blog Returns

The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy except that they are so. ~ William Inge

Hello Dear Followers,

How have you been? I know it’s been awhile. I started writing this post in Feb. 2022. That’s right, almost an entire year ago. I think some how I lost time. The obvious answer was alien abduction, and I just now returned to plant earth. Okay, maybe that didn’t happen, but would I really know if it did?

Honestly, I wanted to post so many times over these few months, but well I just didn’t have the mental capacity. I had a new day job that seemed to be better than my previous one. Turns out it wasn’t. Sometimes we have to to try and fail so we can figure out what we truly want or need in life. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual nor is it one size fits all. I’m starting week 4 of my new new day job. So far, I’m happy it’s a better fit. I’m taking one week at a time while I’m still in training. Right now, I’m enjoying taking walks during my hour long lunch break. (An entire 60 minutes! I feel so spoiled. The photo above is one of the amazing views.) And Burt and Ernie keep me company most afternoons. Gracie prefers to nap with the British Hubby as his work space is warmer than mine.

I’m making slow but steady progress on Behind Blue Eyes. I decided to add an extra block from the original pattern. It’s big, but not quite big enough for two humans and three kitties.

I leave you with the hope that your 2023 is off to a great start!

4 thoughts on “The Blog Returns

  1. YAY, BLOG!! So glad you are back at this, Shelly!

    “Sometimes we have to to try and fail so we can figure out what we truly want or need in life. ” My mother – not exactly known for her pearls of wisdom – Has often said that life is full of lessons and sometimes the lesson is to learn what you don’t like/want. She’s spot on with that!


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