White Christmas: The Third Snow

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood. ~ Andy Goldsworthy

Our Christmas tradition is to hike and snowshoe. This year, traveling into the forest wasn’t an option. The snow came to us! Over the past 36 hours, we’ve had 2-3 inches of snow. Growing up in the Midwest, we often had snow on the ground at Christmas, but since migrating from the chilly Midwestern winters it has been over a decade since I woke up to a White Christmas. 012Even Ernie was brave enough to try out the snow. However, once he went down the stairs, he couldn’t find a route back into the house sans snow. Burt had a brief encounter with the snow, but it was so short I didn’t even get a photo.

Gracie refused to come out of hiding from her traumatic holiday experience on Christmas Eve. She was forced to wear a Christmas collar that had jingles! 005.JPGBaking and cooking is another tradition that migrated with me from the Midwest. Normally, the British Hubby and I feast on sugar and carbs during the holiday season. Last year, we made several cakes together. We were both a little leary if we would be able to resist the holiday treats. I attempted to buy some healthy treats with a few apples, oranges and juice, but we did cave on a bar of chocolate and six warm cinnamon rolls. You’ll be happy to hear we didn’t enjoy the sugar very much so it won’t be more than a passing fling.  002Normally, we have tins of British chocolates and tea cookies (so far we’ve managed to resist!) Making healthier desserts has been vital on our quest to cut out carbs. We have our flax fudgey cake along with cranberry bread. Warmed up and with a little cream, the bread has a lovely creamy tartness.





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