Where in the World is Burt?

Cats choose us, we don’t own them. ~ Kristen Cast

I had a different blog post planned for today, but when I arrived home from the day job there were two hungry kitties meowing to be fed. Burt was no where to be found. Where in the world was Burt?

It took me a solid 15 minutes to find him. Burt was hiding under the bed. In his 10.5 years with the British Hubby and I, Burt has never ever hidden or slept under the bed. 

Even food wouldn’t tempt him out. What I wouldn’t give to speak cat some days. We aren’t sure what’s going on yet, but we have managed to get him out from under the bed. 

Stay tuned for more details. 

4 thoughts on “Where in the World is Burt?

  1. I look forward to hearing how Burt is. One of our cats, Rudy, has started meowing pathetically and looking for new spots, which he leaves within a few minutes of finding. He’s going to the vet today.

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