Conspiracy Thursday: Leap Year

Trust no one.

It’s February 28. The last day of the month except when it’s a leap year. Sure, there’s a perfectly good explanation about how leap years work. But do you really believe that? Personally, I think leap year days should always be a holiday. I don’t get paid more for working an extra day every four years. This article believes it’s a conspiracy created by the Roman Catholic Church. I love a good religious conspiracy almost as much as I love a good government cover-up about aliens. I don’t want to say it’s aliens, but I’m pretty sure aliens created leap years.

Sott Editorial: Conspiracy Theories in the Internet Age -- Puppet Masters --

This article blames it Leap Year on the greedy corporate overlords. Greedy corporate overlords are responsible for so much that is wrong with the world. It does seem natural that they would also be responsible for leap year too.

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I could believe leap year was created by a busy knitter who desperately needed an extra 24 hours to knit, but that only works if it’s a day off from the day job. I’m pretty sure my job already comes out ahead on the amount of hours I work. How often does a leap year land on the weekend?

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