Let’s Hear it for Hats

How a hat makes you feel is what a hat is all about. ~ Philip Treacy Hats aren't for everyone. I'll admit I didn't wear hats that often until I started knitting. Now, I love a good hat even ones that aren't knitted. I especially love knitting hats and wearing my knitted hats. That's good…Read more Let’s Hear it for Hats


Brain Out: B Movies and Cult Classics

“We can’t stop here! This is bat country.”– Raoul Duke, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Friday nights were Godzilla movie night. It's no surprise that Godzilla leaves a pretty big empty spot in his wake. How can you not love that adorably huge lizard? The British Hubby and I were unsure what direction our Friday…Read more Brain Out: B Movies and Cult Classics