Breaking News

I had a knitting update 95% ready to post when I received a phone call from my hubby. He had a hitchhiker on his way to work. A mouse was currently scurrying around the inside of his car. Hubby was safely pulled off to the side of the road trying to coax the little guy out, but of course it was raining so why would he want to leave? Little mousy even tried to look out the window a few times to see the view.

Thinking it might be a bad idea to drive on the freeway with a mouse roaming in your car, Hubby decided to work from home. This little guy has been sitting in the car all day, barely moving.


Currently the car is open to encourage him to find a new home, but it doesn’t seem to be working. We think it’s either pregnant or dying. Can we really put a dying animal outside to be eaten by the local wildlife?

Stayed tuned for updates on Mr. Mouse.

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