Eeny meeny miney moe!

How to choose my first eight projects for May? The free spirited process knitter says, “let’s see what inspires you in May.” The realistic part of me knows that’s probably not a good approach if I want to stay on target. It’s my free spirited side that is responsible for the 75 orphans.

It’s probably best if I do some type of combination. A few that I plan to finish each month, a few that inspire me and a few that are quick finishes. To that extent, many of the projects will require quite a bit of knitting time. I’m doing a little pre-May knitting on a few projects.

I decided to start my Christmas gift knitting early this year. This is my Holiday Hitchhiker in Malabrigo sock. The color is Tizano Red. I’m trying to knit one tooth a day. It’s a great mindless knit when you don’t have much brainpower to focus on a complex pattern, but it’s also well mindless. Staying focused on this one will be a challenge. Here’s a photo with 34 little teeth.


Much more exciting is my Oceans of Malabrigo in Malabrigo finito. I’m using Pearl Ten, Paloma and Mares to make a 3 Color Cashmere Shawl by Joji Locatelli. The stripes keep it interesting. First there were big bands of stripes and then little stripes and soon I’ll add the third color.


I’m still sort of crushing on this project. Finito is like knitting with clouds or kitten fluff. I’m excited to see how it looks with Mares. Stay tuned…


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