It’s all about the Sock

It’s the first day of July. That means it’s time to start thinking about liberating my next eight or nine Orphans (remember, I have those four from June to make up). Here’s a a group shot of the four liberated Orphans of June. I frogged one project and finished three. The pink skein of arroyo represents my finished Aviatrix hat that we gave to brand new babe.


I thought I would also take a group shot of the projects I cast on in June. It was mostly socks. The British Hubby says it my evil knitting twin that casts on all the projects while the diligent one tries to finish them. I think he might be right.


July 1st also means the next stage of Tour de Sock started. This one has beads! Everyone needs socks with some bling. I can’t decide which route to go. My choices are below. What do you think?


If I hurry, I might actually get to cast this pair on before someone has a finished pair.


This was the scene at my house most of the day. The wildlife was having a field day in our back yard. It was much too exciting for the kitties to nap.

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