Marshmallows & Meditation

This week marked a special occasion for the British Hubby and I. To celebrate, we decided to make a family favorite: chocolate covered marshmallows. While you can use special equipment, we used a small sauce pan, wooden spoon, skewer and parchment paper for our chocolate adventure. The combination of milk chocolate and marshmallow was a little too sweet for my tastes. I think we need to keep experimenting with the type of chocolate we use.

We also marked the occasion by an exchanging of gifts. Here is what I got for the British Hubby.


Here is what the British Hubby bought for me. We had a pretty good chuckle opening our gifts.


Stage five of Tour de Sock started on Monday. I normally love a good color work sock, but I just wasn’t digging this one. I decided to keep going with my Shark Bait, Stage four socks and numerous hat projects. Although I haven’t made it much further on many of these projects since my last post, I have made some progress on my Matching Neighborly Milo. I also wound yarn to start the shark on Shark Bait.


Update on other wips:

  • Earth & Sky: Still waiting for yarn and trying not to be annoyed that I bought yarn that was back ordered. It will get here eventually.
  • Charity Malt:I’m now on the stockinette section. Only 2 billion more inches to go until the border (okay, maybe it just feels that way).
  • Washington Mist: After exploring finished projects, I decided I liked the modified picot edge bind off best. Now I’m procrastinating since this will take forever to bind off. Maybe I’ll tackle it this weekend with a pot of tea.

I leave you with an action shot of Burt. Ernie is completely caught off guard.


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