Final Stage of TdS

Stage Six of Tour de Sock posted late Wednesday night. It’s a lovely cabley toe-up pattern called Entanglements. Toe-up socks aren’t my favorite. It could be I’ve simply made more cuff down socks. It could be I’ve never found a heel I really like. It could be I need more practice this way. It could be I’m looking for any excuse to cast on another pair of socks. Truth is I’m on the fence about casting on this pair. I’m making slow, but steady progress on my Shark Bait and stage four socks. Let’s see what I decide this weekend.


I think those beady eyes are following me!

In Orphan related news, soon to be liberated Orphans five, six and seven had a soak today. You might just be able to make out which ones are in the suds.


July is the month, I like to start thinking about any gift knitting I want to have done in the next six to eight months. I wound some yarn in preparation.


What’s that bright green sock yarn doing in there?

Update on other wips:

  • Earth & Sky: Nothing new here.
  • Charity Malt: I’m on row 35 of the stokinette section.
  • Washington Mist: Could this be one of the projects that had a bath or am I still working on the bind off?

This week Ernie had the cutest poses.



I can’t decide which side looks best. 

I think there will be some liberated Orphans this weekend!


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