Short Row Hats

Occasionally, the British hubby will proof read a post for me. Last week, I quoted the Jamaican Proverb, “You can’t have two faces under one hat. ” He promptly responded, “The Roman God, Janus, could have two faces under one hat.” He’s right of course. Janus is represented by a double faced head and is the god of all beginnings. It is thought that January is named for him. You may have also seen Janus depicted with four faces over a four-way arch. Naturally, this made me wonder what type of hat would Janus wear? I think it would be more of an ear warmer with short rows. Or maybe, it would be an Aviatrix type of hat. Aviatrix is knit flat with a serious of short row sections creating a curved shape.


You can also use short rows in a hat while still knitting in the round. Malabrigo Wolfie uses this technique. The color change on one side uses intarsia to avoid holes. The other side uses short rows. When I come to the short row stitch, I lift the wrap onto the needles and either knit two together or purl two together depending on if it’s a right side or wrong side round. It sounds much more complicated than it really is. Here’s a close up of how it looks. The intarsia side looks much cleaner.


You may have also noticed a finished Aviatrix hat. This is hat three in the Aviatrix Hats of 2016 series. That means I have liberated project seven and eight for August. Yesterday, I woven the ends for 2016 Christmas Hat the I.


Even kitties love a good cave!


One day left. Can I finish one more project?

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