Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

Today is American Thanksgiving. For many this involves over eating, American football and time with family. When the British Hubby and I were first dating, I introduced him to his very first pumpkin pie. We quickly decided to make this foodie holiday our own, but with a unique twist.

Earlier in the week, I tried a new pumpkin dessert recipe, pumpkin bars with streusel topping. Burt’s given it two paws up! Burt eats almost all people food especially desserts, cake, bread and pastries. Once Burt ate an entire package of hot cross buns minus the dried fruit. To make these even more decadent, the British Hubby made some caramel sauce. 


Our main course is an all you can eat spaghetti bolognese provided by the British Hubby. This year the bolognese was made with spicy tomato tofurky and ground turkey. We eat bolognese, watch Westerns and the kitties nap. Well, today they sat in the box.

Cheers from the Pacific Northwest! Tomorrow is Opt out Friday. Join us in spending the day outdoors.

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