Mini Yarn Tour

The past three days, I’ve somehow inadvertently managed to end up in three different yarn stores. I would like to say I was strong and didn’t end up with multiple new projects, but let’s face you know that’s not true. Well, at least I haven’t cast on anything new, yet.

On Sunday, I meet up with some Mal Gals (Malabrigo Gals) for Mexican and an excursion to Tolt yarn store. Tolt has just celebrated its third year anniversary. They had a lovely display of local yarn that was knit up in various patterns from their Snoqualime booklet. It’s hard for me to resist local yarn, patterns or project bags. All three came home with me along with volume 1 of Interpretations. I haven’t cast on just yet, but the yarn is wound.


Monday morning, I was in need of some buttons so I ventured to my local Ben Franklin’s. Recently the yarn section has started carrying high end yarns including my beloved Malabrigo. To my surprise, they had in stock numerous colors of the latest base, Caracol. These two skeins were calling out to me. This yarn is so interesting and different from other Malabrigo bases. It reminds me of stained glass. I’m pretty certain I have one pattern picked out so far.


Tuesday the British Hubby and I did a little reconnaissance work for our summer vacation plans. This took us fairly close to the Canadian border. We had ham sandwiches from the lovely ham I made on Sunday (check out the recipe here). Scroll down for photos of our lunch time view. We also explored Apple Yarns. This store carries many lovely yarns, but it supports it’s own fiber studio! I picked out Sparkling Cider in color Festive Lights. I couldn’t resist having socks with a bit of sparkle. Can you blame me?


Update on other wips:

  • Frank in Pairs: I’m about four rows away from stripe nine.
  • Dewberry Dancer: I just finished row 25 in section two! Woot Woot! I’ve switched to a longer cable, and I sort of want to say I’m 1/4 the way done with this section. Okay, that’s not technically true since each row gets longer, but sometimes one needs to celebrate the small victories.
  • Milo IV: I know I just finished Milo III, but this is the final Milo project for this year!

On Tuesday, I was sporting my very first Mecha hat from Malabrigo March 2014. The pattern is Alessa. The color is Teal Feather. This quick knit was perfect for the cold breeze coming off the ocean.


“Look at me! I’m Ernie super kitty!”

It’s the last week of November. You are probably thinking I’ve been busy buying new yarn and haven’t knit very much. Well, today I was busy weaving in ends, sewing on buttons, soaking projects and there was even some whip stitch happening. Stay tuned for a parade of liberated Wips in the near future!


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