With the right hat, nothing else matters!

I love knitting hats. They come in every shape, size and creation imaginable. You can match them to your outfit, your mood or the weather. The options are endless. Liberated Orphan wips two, three and four are hats! Completed project number four, I’m no Chicken, has been in process for well over a year. I adapted this pattern from a baby hat. I giggled wearing this all over the house. It’s supposed to be a gift, but I might decide to keep it.


Hats two and three are the wolf version of Foxy and Wolfie. These use Malabrigo Rios in Nimbus Gray and Natural. I especially love the button eyes. I pulled out my hot glue gun for the yellow ones. Aren’t these adorable!


I have four completed projects and four projects that are very close to being finished. It’s November 30. I could stay up late to finish these (not really a good idea with the day job), or I could go into the Wip bins. Presenting¬†November’s edition of love it or leave it. I haven’t knit on any of these in over a year (sorry about the crummy night time photo).

We made a cat cave for the kitties. It’s been a big hit! Ernie and Gracie are trying to pat at each other.




I just barely managed to get eight liberated projects this month. I leave you with another stunning view from our like last week. Doesn’t this just make you want to quit your day job?


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