The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. ~ Lao Tzu

This weekend, I took some time to reflect. I went on hike number six. This one was very different than the previous five. It was full of pavement, buildings, more super kitty hats and about 129,999 other people. It covered about eight miles. While, I didn’t commune with nature this weekend, I still feel uplifted, rejuvenated and oddly at peace.


Here’s an extra kitty photo since I don’t have any new knitting snaps. 

Update on other wips:

My wips took a mini break while I made numerous super kitty hats. I pulled them back out yesterday. With a week left in January, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could finish one of these?


Tonight, I tried a new recipe, Mom’s ground turkey and peppers. Well, I started with this recipe and then decided it needed pineapple along with sweet n’sour sauce. The British Hubby contributed by adding some bacon chipotle spice. I’m a big pineapple fan (okay, that’s probably an understatement).


The kitties had a new treat over the weekend. Cat nip bubbles. They don’t understand what happens when the bubble bursts. Ernie was very intrigued by the bubbles. I think you can just make out the bubble by Ernie’s face.


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