Thinking of Spring

Stop watering the weeds in your life and start watering the flowers.

January and February are normally the gray and gloomy times of the year in the PNW. Naturally, I found myself gravitating towards more vibrant colors. This also translates into knitting with colors that remind me of spring. Yesterday, I noticed how at least two projects I’m working on remind me of flowers. I love the bright pink in my Malabrigo Love of my Life Hat Edition.   I just started decreasing for the the crown on this hat. I should have a new hat this weekend!


My current aviatrix hat also reminds me of Spring. This yarn is so bright and cheerful. It reminds me of those first Spring blooms. Now if it would just stay light long enough for me to get photos with some sunlight after work.


Update on other wips:

  • Frank in Paris: Four Paris stripes completed, and I’m just a few rows away from stripe number five.
  • Dewberry Dancer: 78 rows completed in section two. I’m trying to make it to section three yet this month.
  • Project Peace: Nothing new to report on this one yet.


Ernie and I have been listening to an audio book together this week. Sometimes he gets a little spooked when he thinks it’s scary. I snuggle him and make it all better.



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