Knitting Goals

It always seems impossible until it’s done. ~ Nelson Mandela

Normally, I don’t like to make too many knitting goals for myself. Knitting is my hobby. I knit for enjoyment. You’ve probably already guessed I’m a process knitter. I don’t focus too much on the end product, but on the adventure of knitting said object. That being said, I did set a few knitting goals for myself for 2017 and January.

  1. Knit two dishcloths every month. Dish cloths make great gifts, and my gift bin is dangerously low. I have three dishcloths in process and almost completed.
  2. Knit two or three Christmas ornaments each month so I don’t have to churn them out in December. There’s about 50 hours left in January, and I haven’t even started on this one!
  3. Finish section two of my Dewberry Dancer. Just two more rows to go on this one! The shawl has about 355 stitches now so each row takes awhile to knit.

We enjoyed the sweet n’sour turkey dish so much, The British Hubby suggested we make it again this week. It’s just as tasty the second time. Doesn’t this look like Spring?


Ernie and Gracie spent the afternoon like this. Poor Ernie tried to snuggle with Gracie, but she got up and move away. She just needs her space.


We did hike number seven yesterday, but I forgot my camera. The path we picked was full of mountain bikers.  I leave you with a lovely photo of a more serene hike.




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