The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but it is fear. ~ Gandhi

It’s the start of a new month. You may have noticed I knit with Malabrigo yarn quite a bit. I admit I’m a Malabrigo Junkie. There are plenty of nice yarns on the market, but Malabrigo is by far my favorite. The Malabrigo group decided to do a color-along to show case all the awesome colors Malabrigo has. The first month is blue, and even more exciting I can knit along with my wips (you know I have some)! I dug through my bins to find the blue wips.


Here’s a group photo of my three wips I’m attempting to finish this month. The first one you’ve seen many times. My Frank in Paris with Paris Night in Malabrigo Rios. This one is going to be a crunch to finish in 28 days. I’m a little nervous I’m going to run out of Frank Ochre. Next is Malabrigo Diamonds in Rios Azul Profundo. The pattern is Adama by Hilary Smith Callis. Surprisingly, this one is almost done. I think I have about 20 more rows to go. The last one is Blue Banana in Malabrigo Lace the color is an off catalog cobalt blue. The pattern is Banana Leaf Shawl. Okay, this is my Hail Mary wip to finish in a month. Nonetheless, it’s going into the rotation.


I also found these two wips. Are they blue green or green blue? The top one is Mechita May in Mechita Teal Feather. The pattern is Cerise. The bottom pattern is Monsoon Shawl in Aguas Rastita. My Aguas Monsoon has been lingering for awhile. This one is also almost done, but I’m not exactly excited about it. I went down several needle sizes to accommodate a lighter weight yarn, but this produced more of a shawlette instead of a massive shawl. When I started this blog, I would have kept knitting on this and just been unhappy with the results. Now, love it or leave it has taught me to be more ruthless with lingering projects. It’s my first liberated orphan wip for Feb-blue-ary.


Gracie found Ernie’s new blankie. She looks like she’s never getting up.

One wip down and seven more to go!


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