Weekly Celebrations

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Last week was rough. This week wasn’t much better. The British Hubby had his first root canal. While my immune system was compromised last weekend, I managed to pick up a virus. A series of bad medical decisions led to some severe medication side effects and dehydration. You know it’s bad when jello is too spicy. Fortunately, an amazing Urgent Care team at my hospital was able to get me rehydrated and back on the road to recovery. Now that my appetite has returned, I’m celebrating with dry toast, applesauce and water. I know it’s not no carbs, but well, I needed my food to be rather bland.


Not much knitting happening this week. I had been making steady progress on my Sunset Cable Scarf. At this rate, it just might be finished in time for Christmas.


Burt found the perfect sleep spot. A blankie on top of a pillow!


Next week maybe there will be no health issues and a finished project. Okay, I’ll settle for some knitting progress.

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