TDS Preparations

Police-station is just another word for where fun goes to die. ~ InspiroBot

The past several summers I’ve participated in Tour de Sock (TDS). What is TDS you say? Why it’s an international sock knitting competition based off Tour de France. There are six stages and the proceeds are donated to Doctors without Borders. Due to vacation conflicts with the organizers, the race is starting in mid July this year. Registration is open until July 13 so there’s still time to join the fun. I debated on participating this year. The later start time means a large portion of the race is during the next crazy busy time at the day job. Ultimately, I decided life is too short to not have fun. The sock patterns are normally interesting and it challenges my knitting skills. Plus, I love to see how fast people can knit a pair of socks. Can one have too many pairs of socks? (I know I’m trying to work down my wips not add to them!)


Last week when visiting my LYS, I found these amazing skeins of sock yarn. How could I resist sparkles? The supply list indicates there might be several pairs with some color work. I thought these would be great base colors to start with. Both are skeins of Nebula in sock from Anzula.

I’m also trying to free up my sock needles. Here’s a progress photo of TDS 4.4.16 and British Tea Latte. I’m not sure if I’ll get both pairs finished before July 15, but I’m going to try. It’s going to be a close race. The British Tea Latte is on the toe of sock one. TDS 4.4.16 is on the gusset of sock two. It should go faster now that I’m on the sole. Of course, once I get past the beads the knitting should speed up considerably.


Ernie snuggling up for a nap with all his toys!

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