Shark Attack!

“You go in the cage. Cage goes in the water. Shark’s in the water.” Quint

We celebrate our favorite July 4th movie, Jaws, the entire month of July. This year, I’m especially excited to join in the Shark Bite II KAL. The KAL kicks off on July 23. Since I decided to pass on Stage 1 of TDS, I had time to make a project bag with left over fabric from our pillow cases. The pattern is an adaptation from this fat quarter drawstring tutorial. Once you’ve made this pattern a few times, you can easily adapt the pattern to use leftover bits of fabric to make different sized bags. The bag turned out a little larger than I had planned, but maybe one year I’ll make a Jaws themed sweater.


I’ve also had time to work on my sock wips. I’m still pretty excited that all three of these wips are on sock number two! My Twisted Lumberjack socks are the heel flap. The British Tea Latte socks for the British Hubby are about an inch away from the heel. Finally, my Tour de Sock 4.4.16 socks are on the toe. I see kitchener stitch in my near future.


Here’s an action photo of Gracie front back stomping. She may not look happy, but oh boy, she is!


P.S. There are about 295 pairs of completed socks in stage 1 of TDS! I find this utterly amazing.

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