The Hiking Season Begins

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere. ~ Vincent Van Gogh

At the start of the year, the British Hubby and I wanted to do the 52 hike challenge. We soon discovered we prefer hiking in cooler temperatures and not the summer. Our last hike was in May. Now that the mornings are chilly, we decided it was perfect weather for a hike. 30055321710966599-account_id=1

We intended to hike to Lake Margaret, but we never found it. The first path we followed was a dead end, but we unexpected had this amazing view of Mt. Rainier. So we sat and admired the view for a bit.


Next we tried a less obvious route. That wasn’t the right path either, but we had an amazing panoramic spot for lunch. 5997051375436020467-account_id=1

With a view of a lake even though it wasn’t the one we were trying to find. 502036477112470902-account_id=1

This was a great spot to sit and knit for awhile. I even managed to find my knitted sun hat. 478774211521845762-account_id=1

Burt thinks this is far too much activity for a sunny afternoon. IMG_20170923_0808092.jpg

This was hike 12 only 40 more to go!

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