Weekend Tea Tasting & Warping

Sex, drugs and rock n’roll are all very well, but nothing beats a nice cup of tea.

This weekend we did a short hike and rode Ulysses all on the same day. Naturally, we didn’t bring any photographic devices so there are no photos. But we did have a lovely tea tasting with friends at lizzykate tea. We sampled five herbal teas. This was the first time the British Hubby and I have done a tea tasting. I would highly recommend it. I walked out with teas I never would have picked on my own. Naturally, I had to try their pumpkin spice chai. As you know chai and in particular pumpkin spice is my favorite. This blend has just the right hint of ginger and spices. Two from the tasting I couldn’t leave without are Seattle Sunset and Honey-Almond blend. The Seattle Sunset reminds me of rootbeer but in tea form. The first few sips are a little off putting, but by the end of the cup you want to drink the entire pot. It’s oddly invigorating. The Honey-Almond blend reminds me of shortbread biscuits. (Can you tell I’m not eating sugar and carbs?)

Last week, it turned chilly. My first pot of soup this year was creamy asparagus. Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables. This is a quick soup to make on a work night and provides plenty of leftovers. I paired it with this creamy avacado chicken salad. I also love avocado. (I just noticed our food was rather green last week.) I should have cut back on the onion. Once this had a chance to chill, the red onion took over the dish. It was still lovely. 026.JPG

Today, I had the second part of my weaving birthday gift, Weaving Beyond the Basics. I was very proud of warping my loom for the first time on my own. I’m making a wall hanging trying out some designs other than plain weave. I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time. I wish I could quite the day job and craft full time! The British Hubby has already requested a woven poncho. I’m not sure my skills are ready for that yet, but I did provide Father Christmas with a wish list of weaving supplies. I sure hope I’ve been good this year! 010Burt thinks warping the loom is even more fun than weaving yarn. 006.JPG

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