You Shall Not Pass

It doesn’t matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose your cow!

Last weekend, we plotted a route through the forest to take a trip to a Watershed Educational Center. You can find out more about watersheds here. The route had dirt paths, one lane bridges, very few road signs and at least one dead-end. IMG_20171008_1224251.jpg

The road we planned to take isn’t open to the public which makes sense as the area is a watershed. Authorized vehicles only, no humans to contaminate or pollute. IMG_20171008_1224400Our spirits were more resolute on Sunday than they were on our Saturday hike. We found a lovely place to have a spot of tea. My tea cup is in honor of Ernie. He’s out riding in spirit. (See below for how Ernie spent his Sunday.)014I even managed to get a shot of my knitting out in the wild. It was rather chilly so I needed a hat for when we took our helmets off. This is my first time wearing my Road Less Traveled hat. The cables kept my head nice and cozy. 015.JPGThis is how Ernie spent his day. 016.JPGIsn’t he a tart?

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