Homage to Jimi

With the power of soul, anything is possible. ~ Jimi Hendrix 

The British Hubby and I have always wanted to see the memorial for Jimi Hendrix. This weekend we made the journey on Ulysses to honor one of the greatest musicians of all time. IMG_20171119_1245107.jpgThis will be a photo heavy post. I know some of my followers may never have the chance to visit the PNW and pay tribute to Jimi.

Or contribute to the myriad of lipstick colors on his memorial. IMG_20171119_1241511I think my favorite was the personal tributes from fellow musicians that left their pics. IMG_20171119_1242495

I was rocking one of my first knitted hats. I think the pattern is snail hat from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I know this is Malabrigo Pearl Ten, but I’m not sure what base.

Stay tuned for more, “No workie for the weekie!” adventures.

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