Conspiracy: Full Moons Make You Crazy

The moon puts on an elegant show, different every time in shape, colour and nuance. ~ Arthur Smith

Earlier this week, it was the Super Blue Blood Moon. This is the one and only time this will happen in my life time. It’s quite a shame it was completely cloudy at my house when I tried to view it in the early morning hours. This led me to wonder what about any moon conspiracies lurking out there. I found this interesting site about seven moon myths. Myth six and seven are particularly interesting. How would the Nazis have gotten a base on the moon and get Hitler up there? It makes perfect sense that he faked his death to live on the moon. 026Cat Conspiracy: Ernie wonders how all his online shopping experiences end up being a Burt in a Box? He knows he ordered a life time supply of tuna and cat nip, but once again it was Burt in a Box. Is Burt multiplying? Or is he secretly eating all the tuna?

Burt Update: We had a minor set back this morning, but seems to back to his normal self this evening. He even slept with his beloved socks.

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