Saturday Night Endeavors

We’re only here for a short time. The land out lives us all.

This weekend, the British Hubby and I took a break from our award winning movie quest to catch up on one of my all time favorite British TV shows, Endeavour. This is a spin-off/prequel to Morse and Inspector Lewis. I’m sure you’re not surprised I love a good who dun-nit show. This character and time line is one of my absolute all time favorites. First, I love watching the scenery in and around Oxford. Second, each episode is at around 100 minutes so you really get to know the characters and what motivates them. Third, British actors look like regular people that could be my neighbors instead of plastic fake looking people. 005I honored Endeavor by having “brain food” aka Guinness with our cheeseburger salad Saturday night. 015.JPGBurt Update: This morning was rough. Burt didn’t move off our bed all night. He never sleeps on the bed. He seemed interested in food, but nothing stayed down again. To add to my concerns about Burt not eating for 36 hours, Ernie decided Burt was a strange kitty cause he smelled like the vets. Ernie went around hissing at poor Burt as he gingerly made his way down stairs. Fortunately, the British Hubby was scheduled to work from home today. After Burt had a sleep, he was able to give Burt very small amounts of food every hour. Slowly but surely, Burt was on the mend. By the afternoon he was able to keep a small amount of his normal food down. He even decided to join us in the lounge this evening, a sure sign he’s starting to feel better. Even Ernie has calmed down.

This is the longest Burt has ever been sick. I’m not sure he’s completely out of the woods, but I think he’s going to make a full recovery.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Endeavors

  1. I love Endeavour too! You inspire me to re-watch if I can find it online (hopefully?).
    Gentle, loving pats to Burt, I hope he continues to be on the mend…


  2. There are a few new episodes that are supposed to air in Feb and they are taping a new season this year! Burt seemed much more like himself. I guess it could still be something chronic since we didn’t run a bunch of tests, but for now he seems better.


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