The First, My Last, My Everything

You’re my sun, my moon, my guiding star. ~ Barry White

It’s the last day of February. My group photo this month is a little sparse. It’s the first cast on and the last completed wip for the month. Presenting Alipuns I. I decided to make this a beanie instead of slouchy and not add on the pom pom. The slip stitches created a dense fabric that makes this hat warm and snuggly. It’s my everything. 

In just a few short hours, Malabrigo March starts. I’ve heard people say that too much of a good thing is bad, but I don’t know. How can too much Malabrigo be bad? I just can’t get enough! Here’s some of my most recent lovelies. 003.JPGActually, this is Ernie’s theme song, but I always imagine Burt having a deep husky voice like Barry’s. Even Gracie gets a bit sassy when Barry’s playing in the lounge.

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