Ernie’s Homecoming

One wants to be together with one’s family. That’s what families are about. ~ Aung San Suu Yuki

This morning, I received a call from the treatment center, “Ernie is ready to go home.” The British Hubby and I were so excited. I left the day job a little early and we bought a few new toys. Every good cat parent buys new toys to celebrate your kitty coming home from treatment. 001And we celebrated with tuna! 004Gracie and Burt had mixed reactions to Ernie’s return. Gracie went straight under the bed to hide. How dare we bring home a new cat! Burt gave his bum a sniff and that was that. 005They did all enjoy the new catnip toys. 006Ernie is currently sniffing and re-scenting the entire house. Now we have two weeks of radioactive homework and the first check up at the regular vet in a month.

3 thoughts on “Ernie’s Homecoming

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