People who don’t like cats were probably mice in an earlier life.

One month ago, Ernie was away on his radioactive holiday. The first day away was so hard, but everyone enjoyed his homecoming tuna celebration. Today, Ernie had his one month check-up. He had a weigh in, hormone level check, rabies shot and preliminary dental exam for his cleaning. The good news, he’s gained one pound since his radioactive treatment. He’s now 10.18 pounds. The bad news, he has a cavity that will need to be extracted during his cleaning. Fortunately, he’s not in any pain and it can wait until July. We wont’ hear back on the hormone level for a few more days. IMG_20180602_1003390Burt & Gracie had their Senior kitty check-ups a few weeks ago. They were less than impressed with the visit to the vet. IMG_20180428_0859570Gracie has a clean bill of healthy. I think it’s all that grump/sassiness she has. IMG_20180428_0916477Burt on the other hand, needs to shed a few pounds. We had to move his food bowl to make him walk more. He’s used to it now, but the first few days were rough. He’s also had to stop having dessert. What’s life without dessert?

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