Meandering thru the Forest

And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul. ~ John MuirIMG_20180616_0948210

The British Hubby and I had every intention to go for a day hike today. We picked a hike Friday night, fueled up our motor vehicle and gathered some protein fueled snacks. When it was time to rise out of bed to get an early start on the trail, our bodies had a completely different plan in mind. After a little extra sleep, we decided to do the three mile trail close to home. Doesn’t that almost look like a scene from LOTR? IMG_20180616_1050587While, it’s not exactly the same as being in a national forest. The lush ferns and new trees still had the ability to reset our mental state. This week our day jobs were threatening to get the best of us. Today my focus was on these pretty little flowers. IMG_20180616_1031303 (1)Walking in the gently rolling woods, reminded us we’re made of tougher stuff. (Some days I think the British Hubby was given the “Spirit of the Blitz” in utero.) IMG_20180616_1032132It’s amazing how nature can reset your stress levels and return us to as state of calm. 013.JPG

I’ve often thought Burt would love to come walking with us, but he looks pretty content sleeping.

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