World Cup Mania

The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning. ~ Pele

The World Cup started on Thursday. I LOVE THE WORLD CUP! Futball is played all over the world. It’s face passed. It’s exciting. The fans travel all over the world to support their national team. I love it! I don’t even need sound to understand what’s happening. Which is a good thing since we don’t have cable. The British Hubby and I have been sans cable for over 10 years now. I’m able to watch live games here. My Spanish is a bit rusty. It’s almost better I can’t completely understand the announcers. It feels more like a live match. Not sure when your favorite team is playing? Check out the schedule and the standings007The first live game started at 5:00 am this morning in my time zone. I didn’t make it up in time for the first half. The British Hubby thought it was pretty funny I couldn’t get up to hike, but I could get up for the World Cup. Over the next several weeks, I will try to cram as many live games into my schedule as I possibly can. Check out the big cup of tea I needed this morning. 009I’m all set with some easy knitting and liquid fortification. 012After the first match, I was awake enough to make one of our favorite breakfast bakes. This time I tried using British sausage. It’s a bit more messy to get the sausage out of the casing than it is to buy bulk sausage, but it did taste better.

Gracie started watching with me, but quickly decided futball is far to exciting for sleeping. Ernie and Burt thought watching our local wildlife was more exciting. How can one compete against live bunnies?011

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