This One’s for the Girls

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Today was kitty dental cleaning day. Round two for Burt and first attempt for Ernie. Poor Ernie has been to the vets quite a bit the past few months. He was not pleased to end up their again this morning. He refused to get out of the carrier. Can you blame him? Going in, we already knew one teeth needed to be extracted. Fortunately, it was just that one.IMG_20180712_0822362Burt hissed at everything and everybody. This, of course, is his typical reaction to any car ride especially when it ends at the vets. His cleaning went well with no teeth extractions just a polishing. IMG_20180712_0822502Since her teeth cleaning in June, Gracie has taken to sleeping under the bed in the mornings. She knows that’s when vet visits happen. When I did finally coax her out by rattling the treat bag, she enjoyed sitting and sleeping in spots the boys usually occupy.


Haha, Burt usually sits here!

She loves sleeping on the bed all by herself. Of course, this only lasted until the boys came home. I think Gracie would be happy if she was the only kitty. 003We had a little bit of trauma getting home from the vets at pick-up time. Ernie was squirming around in the carrier and it came open in the parking lot. (It’s possible it was’t latched properly.) Fortunately one of the Vets was headed home and saw it happen. We were able to coax Ernie out from under the car before he was hit. IMG_20180712_1502426After the last cleaning attempt, they must have given Burt a heft does of drugs. He sat in the same spot for about an hour just sort of swaying back and forth. I attempted to move him to his favorite sleep spot, but that only produced more hissing. 006Burt and Ernie have matching shaved arm bands. Gracie’s is starting to grow back. It feels a bit like we have a kitty gang. Ernie has finally settled, but hasn’t slept yet. Gracie slept after the morphine doses. It seems to make Ernie pace and have the munchies.


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