Hottest July on Record

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? ~ Steven Wright

Currently, July is on track to be the hottest record in the Seattle area in the past 120 years. It’s so hot Gracie’s fur is starting to felt together in places. We’ve been brushing her and cutting out bad spots. Now she just looks like an 80’s punk rocker. I’ve been able to workout in the early am hours (like before sunrise), but today was just too hot. IMG_20180722_2051151I’ve managed to be carb free for a few weeks except for ice cream and frozen custard. This week has just been so hot at night that I needed something cold besides water and iced tea. IMG_20180723_1824550Tillamook frozen custard have these amazing sayings under the lids. It’s like they know carb addicts are buying their products. I think that makes them a pusher. IMG_20180724_2030092Ernie is trying out new sleep spots to escape the heat. Stay cool and hydrated. My cold brew iced tea pictures are getting a workout.


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