Books, Bold Betties & Scarves

There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

A few weeks ago, I discovered the author of the Library Lighthouse Mysteries has written several other mystery series under a different name. I just finished Elementary, She Read. This time, I managed to read book one first. How can I not love a murder mystery with a Sherlock Holmes bookshop where the cat is named Moriaty? At first, I wasn’t sure I liked the main protagonist. Once I realized the character was a modern day Holmes with an absurdly observant quirky personality, I warmed up to the story. These murders were more devious than the one in each book of the Library Lighthouse series. (That’s right, I said murders as in more than one.) Body on Baker Street is book number two. My copy from the public library should be ready to pick up this weekend! If you’re a Sherlock Holmes fan at all, this series is for you. 002I’m tad bit behind on my Bold Betty yarn club. (Seriously, where does the time go?) The yarn pictured above is from the May shipment. The yarn is Gala (sock/fingering) by Apple Fiber Studio in color Malala. This is a PNW yarn. I know I have some of their yarn in my stash already, but I don’t think I’ve made anything with it yet. The color is inspired by Malala Yousafzai, the youngest person to win the Noble Peace Prize. Malala is an advocate for girls’ education. She survived being shot by the Taliban. Her autobiography, I am Malala, just went on my must read list. It never fails to amaze me how much education is under valued all over the world. I’m not sure what I’m going to make with this yarn yet. It could become an amazing pair of socks or sockhead slouchy hat for myself. 004Normally, I talk about mittens on my Books & Bold Betty posts, but I haven’t worked on mittens in a bit so there’s nothing new to chat about on that front. I know you’re probably thinking why do I keep casting on new projects when I haven’t finished the mittens? After all, Winter is coming even though today’s high was a scorching 92 degrees Fahrenheit at my house. Instead, I cast on two new scarves. That’s right two! Above are Polished Purl and Arctic Shadow. Polished Purl is on the first skein with 12 inches completed. Arctic Shadow is on skein two with 24 inches completed. I’m reasonable certain the edges will flatten out after blocking. 006Ernie says it’s not too hot for snuggles.


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