Reading Challenge: Book One

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. ~ Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Last week, I mentioned my reading challenge for 2019. I’m happy to announce I have the first book completed. Body on Baker Street is book two in the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery series. I enjoyed book two much more than book one. Familiarity with the characters is the main reason. Yes, there is a new murder and some new characters, but like any small tourist town the main characters and supporting characters are all the same. The most important character, Moriarty the shop cat, still plays a dominant role.

Burt loves the new tower.

This would be a fun quick read. I am fortunate to have a public library with an amazing audio book selection. I had a very pleasant week commuting to the day job while I listened to this book. Burt’s checking out the audio book in the photo above. He’s curious about a cat that helps solve a murder investigation, but curiosity did kill the cat.

Ernie says snuggles and reading are purrfect pass-times.

One book down, 19 more to go. Next up is the non-fiction book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

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