Conspiracy Thursday: Alligators are Living in the Sewer

You know you’re old when someone compliments you on your alligator shoes, and you’re barefoot. ~ Phyllis Diller

Growing up in the rural Midwest, I completely believed there could be alligators living in the sewer systems. Why? I had never seen a sewer system. My family had well water. We didn’t have city plumbing. While this is more of an urban legend than a conspiracy, I thought the topic was worth further investigation.

Image result for alligator in the sewer

I found a City Metric article that claims there really are alligators living in the New York City sewer system. I especially love the retraction at the bottom. That said, February 9 is the unofficial holiday for annual alligator in the sewer day. On that day in 1935 an alligator was actually pulled from the sewer system.

Could there really be alligators in the sewers? And how did they get there? Perhaps they were washed up in a storm or lured their by a rich food source. I don’t want to say it was aliens, but it was aliens. Maybe that’s how aliens teleport from their galaxy.

Cat Conspiracy: A tardis ottoman. It may look like a foot stool, but it’s much bigger on the inside and contains an endless supply of tuna and catnip.

Sending warmer weather vibes to any followers dealing with the extreme cold temperatures this week. Stay warm.

Just one more people sleep until the British Hubby returns. Just in time for Godzilla movie night.

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