Doubling Down

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. ~ Aristotle

It’s Monday again. I know it predictably comes right after Sunday, but it always seems like there are more Mondays than there are Wednesdays or Fridays. Logically, I know it doesn’t work like that, but it certainly feels that way. Malabrigo March is keeping me motivated this month. I had to pick up one set of needles Saturday afternoon from the store. Below is what came home with me. I even had The British Hubby as a spotter. (He’s more of an enabler.)

Here’s my Malabrigo March List:

  • Washted Thermals – My first ever project using the new base. I’m only a few rows away from casting off the first mitt.
  • Teal Feather Gluhwein – Last March was one of the warmest on record. This March is shaping up to be one of the coldest. I need another bulky weight cowl. I’m just over half way done with this project.
  • Cian Nine – The cables are just starting to show on this pattern.
  • Aniversario Rye – Rye is one of my favorite sock patterns and Washted is my new favorite base. A perfect match! Not to mention I’m leading a KAL if you want to join in the fun. – I’m not sure I made any progress on this one this week.
  • Fields of Heirloom Veggies – My new favorite yarn, Washted in Heirloom Veggies.
  • Camaleon Flowers – Can one have too many Washted hats? Field of Wildflowers is one of my favorite hat patterns.
  • Captured by Malabrigo March – This is my first time using the colorway Kris. It’s the sock yarn on the right in the photo above. I am slightly worried I have a twist from joining in the round. Time will tell.
  • Malabrigo Entralac – This project is barely 24 hours old. I don’t even have a project page yet!

My intention was not to double my Malabrigo March projects from last week. And I am slightly concerned there will be 16 by this time next week. Maybe next week there will even be a finished project. One never knows. It could happen. Unlikely, I know, but it could happen. (I didn’t even believe that as I typed it!)

All this yarn is taking up valuable tuna space.

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