Book Challenge: Warlight

I would always rather be happy than dignified. ~ Charlotte Bronte from Jane Eyre

It’s a wet Wednesday here in the PNW. It’s unusual for us to have rain this late in July, but I’m going to take it. The cooler temperatures make for great audio book and knitting weather which is a bonus since I’m now only one book behind my book challenge for 2019. Book nine was Warlight. I love watching historical fiction shows so it’s no surprise I like reading historical fiction.

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The main character, Nathaniel and his sister Rachel are abandoned by their parents. You suspect the parents were spies during WW II and can’t cope with returning to a “normal” life after the war. During that time period, everyone was expected to get married and start a family regardless if your cut out to be a good parent or not. Even now, couples that are child-free by choice are looked at oddly, and it’s assumed they weren’t able to procreate rather than choosing that path in life. I can only imagine the challenges if you were trained to be a spy during the 1940’s and then expected to be a parent a few years later.

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This story follows Rachel and Nathaniel’s experiences when their mother leaves them in the care of The Moth. The Moth and his friends, or maybe fellow criminals, educate and protect Nathaniel and Rachel. I’m trying not to give away too much of the plot, but this did have an unexpected twist at the end. I was so engrossed in this story, I didn’t see it coming at all. I would highly recommend checking this book out.

I don’t really have any new tea related news this week so I’ll leave with a kitty photo. Ernie keeps trying to figure out what happens in the shower and if it’s something he should try.

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