Working From Home: Week 8

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. ~ Winston Churchill

It’s been eight weeks since I started working from home. When this started, I didn’t foresee it lasting this long. I’m not sure why. I had no scientific data. I also had no frame of reference to compare this situation to anything else that I’ve experienced in life so far. There’s a lot of things about COVID-19 I don’t understand. The video below is a bit technical in places, but it helped me understand why symptoms vary. As with anything, knowledge is power, but you be the judge.

What’s new this week? We put gas in the car this past week. This was the first fuel purchase since February 2020. Since I turned 16 some time ago, I’ve never gone that long without purchasing fuel, and US oil is at a historic all time low closing at -$37 a barrel on Monday. I don’t see us needing more gas any time soon. This week we discovered the grocery store and many other big box stores have made isles one way to help with social distancing while shopping. We are still using masks, gloves and the quarantine area for items as needed. The British Hubby became my new hair stylist this week. My bangs or fringe needed a trim. He did a passable job. Another first, I saw a raccoon family wander through the neighborhood in broad daylight! Wild life are definitely claiming things back. I also found this 100 million mask challenge. Let’s help essential workers get the supplies they need to stay safe.

We’ve had some progress in the plant world. I had to abandon the first green onions, but the second attempt at sunflowers is working out. After two or three days in water, our sunflower seeds sprouted enough to be planted in their starter pots before they’re transplanted outside. Meet Sunny and Cher! Our first two pots of sunflowers. I have a few more varieties on order, but there’s no telling when those seeds will arrive.

What did arrive this week was my rhubarb seeds. The first step was to soak the seeds in water over night. Next, I planted the seeds in their indoor start pots. As we didn’t wait for the seeds to sprout before planting, I imagine it may take a bit longer to see any action from Ruby and Barb.

I did manage to try a new recipe based off girl scout cookies, Coconut Caramel Brownies. I used the Keto and Co brownie for the base, but you could use any low-carb/keto brownie recipe. I understand some folks have issues with various sugar substitutes. I understand. MTC oil has the same effect on me and my old lady digestion. Find what works for your body. The British Hubby made the caramel sauce that we then combined with toasted coconut after the brownie was completely cooled. After the layer of caramel coconut, I made a chocolate sauce for the topping. Wow, I never would have guessed this is low-carb or keto. It’s a fantastic dessert that I would bring to any gathering. Of course, that means I would have to share the pan which I barely wanted to do even with the British Hubby!

This week I also hit my first weight loss goal! This is the first time I’ve felt our lifestyle changes are actually sustainable. Normally after I hit the first one or two goals, I’m so desperate for a bagel I throw in the towel. This time we’ve found real alternatives to my favorite carb foods and snacks. My weight loss maybe slow, but that’s okay since I’m eating amazing foods.

Gracie keeps trying this shelter in place idea, but she doesn’t quite have it figured out yet.

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