Destination Moon

A journey into space is the greatest adventure I can imagine. ~ Sarah Brightman

Humanity has always been fascinated by space travel. That equates to a plethora of space movies. The British Hubby found two gems for our Friday Night Brain Out Movies, Destination Moon and Invasion UFO.

Destination Moon Poster
Invasion: UFO Poster

Destination Moon was the classic disaster formulaic movie where everything is simple, but nothing goes according to plan. Will they all make it home? It had some great suspense scenes.

Destination Moon Review | Movie - Empire

It’s also great to see how old movies portray the future. Invasion UFO didn’t disappoint. I can’t decide if these are moon people or earth people, but I love their hair.

Invasion:UFO – all my reviews in one place

And these costumes were fantastic! The costumes alone were worth watching this movie.

Slow Robot A Go Go » invasion UFO

And don’t forget about the UFO.

Invasion: UFO": Order now on Blu-ray - YouTube

These movies were great fun. Just what we needed on a Friday night. The last one of April. It wouldn’t be Friday night without pizza and some blood orange cider. Blood orange has become one of my favorite drinks. Yum!

Ernie looks good next to my Caprino Gardens. I got through two rows during these two movies keeping in mind that older movies were often shorter than they are now and these rows are 495 stitches.

I have a feeling I’m going to run out of color one before I’m ready to change colors. Eek!

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