Working from Home: Week 11

One always measures friendships by how they show in bad weather. ~ Winston Churchill

Another week has passed. We are still in shelter in place or stay home, stay healthy. A few things have opened up for phase 1 of our safe start, but really not much will change before June and not even then if risk factors go up. Phase two includes salons opening up. Exciting stuff since we’re both looking a bit mangy. Both the British Hubby and I can get our hair into pony tails now. We’ve started referring to the British Hubby’s as his mystical mane of power. Maybe this week he’ll let me blow it out? (Oh my, that’s a funny image!)

This week we stumbled across this article giving UK health care workers free games. Right on! Let’s support those health care workers any way we can.

The biggest change this week is how my container garden is starting to take off. I planted my first celery. Meet Cecilia. While it appears her companion, Sally the slow poke, isn’t growing she is just at her own pace. You may also noticed I started some avocado seeds. We’re all familiar with the toothpick method, but I tried this one. The catchy tune alone was enough to make me think I could do this. There is tons of information on how to crack your avocado seed, but not much on what happens next. I suspect most people give up on these plants too soon. This site has some helpful hints including how long it could be before my seeds sprout leaves.

Sunny, Cher and the band are doing well. Last week, we started putting them on the back deck to sunbath. Two plants needed bigger pots and two are growing a little slower. Remember these were seeds I dug out of our bird food bin to sprout. We decided the 6 inch pots would be the last ones before we plant outside. Ruby and the Barbs are touch and go. They also went outside some. Ruby is doing fine, but the Barbs had a little too much sun. You can tell the plants in the back pot aren’t as happy as the front one. I really thought the Barbs were on their death beds, but the stems keep growing. Maybe I’m slowly torturing them, but I’m going to see how they look next week. Any guesses what seeds are sprouting below?

While I don’t have a new recipe to report about, I used the sour cream biscuits to make mini sliders. These were great for quick lunches or snacks. It really felt like I was eating a carb filled slider, and yet I’m not. They completely fool my taste buds meanwhile my waistline is continuing to shrink.

Burt has been keeping me company this week. It’s so cute to work while he softly snores beside me.

How is your week going? Have you tried sprouting anything from your kitchen?

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