Beginning of the End

There’s no place like home. ~ The Wizard of Oz

With the title and beginning quote, you might think the blog post is about current times, but this was our movie Friday night movie last week. Did you know Monday was national Twilight Zone Day? It sure does feel like we could be living in an episode of the Twilight Zone. The Beginning of the End could have been an episode from this popular television show, but it was a great 1950’s disaster movie where giant locust take over the earth. What’s not to love about giant insects? Okay, Ernie is not a bug lover so this was not a movie for him.

Beginning of the End (film) - Wikipedia

In the 50’s we were still learning about nuclear power. and well, one really can’t use it to grow massive edible food which is how these bugs get their start.

ALL SCI-FI :: View topic - Beginning of the End (1957)

These movies are just great fun for a Friday night. I can just see the British Hubby and I heading to the theatre or drive-in to see this.


This week I’m working a last minute baby gift and my COVID Comfort. I really love knitting these mitred squares. They’re just so very satisfying. I’m working on square 3 and 4 here. I also started an Aviatrix hat on Friday. I don’t think I made one Aviatrix hat in 2019. 2020 is going to a hat year. Here’s the start of my LFC aviatrix.

We’re getting creative with our pizza toppings and cocktails. I think this would be considered a pepperoni lovers dream come true or maybe keto lovers with a cauliflower crust and protein.

One of my tea drinking coworkers informed me they started infusing their own booze to make fun cocktails. I thought I would give it a try with some single serving bottles I found cleaning out a cupboard. Turns out Chivas Regal with Rooibos Vanilla tea is quite lovely. You can infuse all sorts of things from the kitchen.

I always think it’s adorable when the kitties sleep in unexpected places. I think Burt has the right idea snuggling up with something cuddly.

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