We are Liverpool. Champions of England!

“If someone is having a bad game, we dig them out of the hole and we stick together on the pitch, we stick together off the pitch – that’s why this squad is so special. I love being part of it. We’re all kind of brothers and we have a dad in the gaffer and he’s the one that leads us in the right direction.” Andy Robertson

Wow, what an emotional week we’re having! Gracie is still hanging out at the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center. We dropped her off yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon LFC won the Premier League Championship when Chelsea beat Mann City 2-1. What a game! The ups, the downs, the red card and a 10 man team. That’s what I love about footy. You don’t have to have much possession to win the game. In the end, it’s the score that counts. LFC hasn’t won the Premier League Title ever in 30 years! In 1990 the first division league changed and it became the Premier League. That 89-90 season was the last time the Reds won a league title.

This is the first time the Premier League has been decided so early with seven games left to be played. It’s mathematically impossible for another team to win now. This is especially amazing since last year we didn’t win with 97 points. Could we see even more records fall? And yes, I was drinking champagne rather early in the day from an LFC stein!

This week’s 4 – 0 win against Crystal Palace puts LFC at 46 games without a loss. Could we beat the record of 49? Could we beat the most league points in a season currently set at 100? Time will tell, but for now we’re basking in the glory. Bring on the medals and the parade when it’s safe for a parade. Go Reds!

Gracie Update: Gracie is still her sassy self. She’s refusing to eat much and didn’t use the litter overnight at FHTC. Nothing really that surprising. She had a long car journey, followed by being poked and prodded multiple times, and then she was abandoned in a new building with new humans. All things Gracie hates. Burt and Ernie didn’t eat much yesterday cause they were stressed without Gracie. Thursday was an emotional day in our household.

Her radiation level is still too high to come home. Fingers crossed for a Saturday pick up otherwise it will be Monday.

2 thoughts on “We are Liverpool. Champions of England!

  1. Aw, poor Gracie! Her boys will be so happy when she gets home, though I suspect she may be scarce for a while. I hope this takes care of everything, that she recovers fully and quickly!

    I thought of you when I saw the news about Liverpool. Thank you for blogging about it so soon afterward. I know it’s a big deal for the team and the fans; let the records fall!


    • Thursday was an exciting and emotional day with Gracie and LFC. Lots of tears shed at our house. And I’ld rather have footy with no fans than no footy matches at all. The teams seem to be taking the proper precautions to limit contact or not expose high risk people.

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