The Second League Loss

“We expect more from ourselves.” ~ Jordan Henderson

That quote pretty much sums up the Thursday’s defeat against Mann City. The fans expect more from this LFC team. I could give plenty of explanations or excuses, but the bottom line is the team had an off night and couldn’t find their rhythm. We had chances that we didn’t use. Quality teams will take advantage of those mistakes. Sure, I’m disappointed in the outcome, but that just shows the players are human like the rest of us. Am I going to verbally abuse the team? No, I am not. The reality is you don’t win the European Championship one year and the Premier League title the next by being a bad team. These are long seasons normally without throwing COVID-19 in the mix.

I love this! Do you think LFC supporters live here? I wonder what the neighbors think.

Mann City has had 8 league losses this season. No one thinks they’re not a quality team. Liverpool has had their second defeat this season. They’ve won the league the earliest ever in history. That’s amazing. Did they look flat and without that spark? They sure did. YNWA means just that. You’ll Never Walk Alone even after a humiliating 4-0 defeat. This is after we won the Champions League on June 1, 2019.

We are Liverpool. This means more. I’m going to go pre-order some Premier League Champions gear.

Go Reds! (Maybe the kitties need some LFC gear?)

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