Social Distancing with Jaws

Mayor Vaughn: “Amity as you know, means friendship.” ~ Jaws

Growing up, the British Hubby never celebrated July 4. Why would he? This is not an important day in UK history. As we became a couple and merged our lives together, it was important we create our own reasons to celebrate holidays from both our backgrounds. Thus, Jaws became our summer tradition. We’ve had July 4th adventures traveling. We’ve had Conspiracy July 4th editions and July 4th Celebrations. This year, I can’t help but think how many small businesses need those summer dollars. As I put together this post, an email announcing one LYS has decided to permanently close their in person shop and move to online retail only. Churchmouse Yarns and Teas was one of my favorite day trip destinations. I understand businesses need to move with the times, but I still feel heartbroken.

Our Jaws celebration had some old stand by favorites. We do go off diet a bit this weekend. And the irony is we celebrated with British treats by going to our favorite pub and pantry for red leicester bacon cheeseburgers and baked goods.

Jaws” Is Ridiculous, Say Kids Who Owe Everything to “Jaws ...
Conspiracy Theory (film) - Wikipedia

We needed lots of substance for our July 4th double header with Jaws and Conspiracy Theory. Two of our all time favorite movies. We did have a few old stand by treats with my shark tea cup and some gummy treats.

Gracie Update: She’s been home from FHTC now for 8 days and about 8 hours. She’s mostly stopped hiding in the mornings, and she’s calmed down as the week progressed. It makes me so happy when I see her front back stomping. She also seems less starving at meal times. Paws crossed the treatment is starting to work. We’re still collecting the litter deposits to store. Ernie has found his new favorite pillow below. It’s flannel.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Stay safe and wear a mask.

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