Celebrating Life with Burt

Celebrate life. To truly live, celebrate each day of life. Let each day be a festival of joy.

It’s Friday again! How did that happen? In some ways time moves faster wfh, and in other ways it feels slower. No matter how I perceive time to be passing, it’s still important to celebrate life. Did you know our brain is wired for negative thinking going all the way back to when we were hunting and gathering? Check this article out. Sure it sounds silly to actively celebrate small positive moments, but that’s how we establish new patterns, routines and pathways in our brain. This week we’re celebrating Burt!

From the very beginning, this tuxedo kitty has been adorable. Look at that tiny evening suit!

Burt and Ernie have been together forever! I think this is their theme song below.

He loves a good box. Either to sit in or chew.

And he’s always up for some play with the sticky.

Burt here’s to you! Thanks for enriching our lives with your Bond like style, your love of ice cream and cakey, and your zest for life.

What are you celebrating this Friday?

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